Derek Wong’s Trekking Trip with Mr. Michael through Mt. Minya Konka from Jul 18 to Jul 25, 2011

Straddling in the rugged western part of Sichuan and towering to a height of 7,556 m, Mt. Minya Konka (“Gongga Shan”in Chinese) is the highest mountain of Hengduan Range and claimed as the ‘King of Sichuan Mountains’ / 蜀山之王. It offers stunning scenery, abundant vegetations, full-bodied Tibetan culture and adventurous trekking routes. Mt.Gongga is a sacred mountain to the Tibetans.

Mr. Michael, a successful German business planned to travel to Tibet in July, however, Tibet was closed due to coming Celebration of 60th Anniversary of Tibet Peace Liberation and he had to change to his plan to take a trekking trip through the area of Mt. Minya Konka and this gave Mr. Michael a great opportunity to take a close look at the most primitive area of Tibetan world and he greatly enjoyed this trekking trip.

Mr. Derek Wong at took this trekking trip with Mr. Michael as the translator and he suffered from a seriously cold at an average altitude of 4000M throughout this trip and his passion made him greatly rewarded by the wonderful view of Mt. Minya Konka.










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