Day by Day Itinerary of 4 Days Lhasa to EBC Tour:

Day 1: Lhasa -270km- Gyantse -90km- Shigatse

Day 2: Shigatse -290km- Tingri -80km- Rongbuk Monastery -8km- EBC tents base

Day 3: EBC tent base -4km- EBC -350km- Shigatse

Day 4: Shigatse -280km- Lhasa


The High Altitude of Main Points:

Lhasa: 3658m

Gyantse: 3900m

Shigatse: 3850m

Lhatse: 4012m

Dingri: 4300m

Rongbuk Monastery: 5150m

EBC: 5200m


Highlights of 4 Days Lhasa to EBC Tour:

1) Stand at the Gangbala Pass to view turquoise Yamdrok Lake and Mount Naiqinkangsang;

2) View the Korala Glacier on the roadside;

3) Pass through the Smila Mountain Pass and see the biggest dam in Tibet;

4) Visit the heritage town of Gyantse and Pelkor Monastery;

5) Drive through the barley farmland and the food storage of Tibet;

6) Visit Tashilunpo Monastery in Shigatse City;

7) View the Panorama of Himalaya at Gyawula Pass;

8) Drive on the new road to EBC;

9) Enjoy the sunset and sunrise of Golden Everest Peak;

10) Visit the highest monastery – Rongbuk Monastery;

11) Hike about 4km from EBC tent base to the EBC.

1.  Is there high altitude sickness for tourists just 2 days from Lhasa (3658m) to EBC (5200m)?
It is really an adventure if you start this 4 Days Lhasa to EBC Tour on 2nd day after you arrive at Lhasa. It is highly recommend to stay one or two free days at Lhasa to acclimate the high altitude change. Tourists can choose to visit the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Ganden Monastery or Drak Yerpa. After you recover, you can start this tour.

At Shigatse, you will have one night to acclimate. But for Day 3, 1300m altitude rising will bring you some health upsets. You are not allowed to do severe exercise, such as jumping and running. Usually, some tourists feel well because they have acclimated the change, and most of tourists will feel sickness in the night at EBC tent base or Rongbuk guesthouse. It is a normal phenomenon and there is no risk of life. Don’t worry!

2.How much time is spent in the car on a daily basis on 4 Days Lhasa to EBC Tour?
On the road from Lhasa to Tingri via Shigatse, the car speed is often limited 60km/h (which is convenient to calculate. And actually it is limited as hour from one place to next place. )

For the distance, it is 4.5 hours from Lhasa to Gyantse, 1.5 hours from Gyantse to Shigatse, 5 hours from Shigatse, and 4.5 hours from Shigatse to Lhasa. On the road, the tour guide will arrange several times to stop roadside and get off car to stretch your body and take the beautiful photos.

3. Is there any hiking along the way or just the 4km hike from tent to base camp on Day 3?
On this short 4 days Everest tour, you will just have the optional 4km hiking from EBC tent base to the EBC at 5200m. On this part, you can also choose to take the local sightseeing bus for the 4km. In addition, if you come from November to next April, you will take your car directly to the EBC from Rongbuk Monastery guesthouse.

4. Is there any difference for Tibet Travel Permit of 4 Days Lhasa to EBC Tour?
Tibet Travel Permit is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Tourists need ask a local travel agency to help them apply for it. There is no any difference for this permit of the tour. Your travelling date and visiting destination is listed on the permit.

5. Is it possible to book a flight out of Lhasa on Day 4?
The departure flight on Day 4 from Lhasa is not recommended. The car may arrive at Lhasa hotel about 6pm in the afternoon or later and then a car to transfer tourist to Lhasa Gongga airport, about 1 hour. There is only a flight from Lhasa to Chongqing after 9:00. Tourists are highly recommended to book the next early morning flight to depart.

6. How to ask for a quotation of 4 Days Lhasa to EBC Tour?
You can write your Tibet tour plan to Lobsang ( ) who is a trip advisor of Tibet Vista ( CITS ).