The upcoming 2014 is the year of horse in Tibetan calendar, occurring every twelve years. According to Tibetan tradition, Buddhists make pilgrimage to holy mountains in the year of horse and to holy lakes in the year of sheep. As the most sacred mountains in Tibet, Mount Kailash in western Tibet receives much more visitors than usual in such a year, especially during Saga Dawa Festival which is held at the Kailash region annually in each April in Tibetan calendar (around May or June in western calendar). The Saga Dawa Kailash tour is also considered as the most interesting and authentic tour event in western Tibet each year. In 2014, the holiest year at this region, the event will be more attractive for visitors. The Kailash is expected to witness over 60,000 pilgrims and visitors in 2014.


CITS Tibet Travel ORG offers a 15 days tour to Kailash to tourists for the great year 2014.

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